Mint Tea

Mint is very easy to grow and is a favorite for making tea as well as using for a spice. Mint can easily take over a garden as it is invasive when in the right conditions. Provide some shade in the hottest of summer sun as well as watching for it to dry out. It likes plenty of moisture but not to be over watered or constantly wet.

Mint is perfect for container planting as this will curb it’s tendency to take over an area yet allow it to flourish. Use a container as large as you need, or multiple containers, for the amount of mint you need to grow.


For tea you should try spearmint, peppermint, apple mint and chocolate mint as well as the commonly known mint itself.


Use the leaves and bruise them slightly to release the essential oils. If you are saving tea for the long haul dry them leaves first and then crumble slightly to facilitate release of the oils.