Cilantro – The carboxylic acid in cilantro binds to heavy metals such as mercury in the blood and carries them out of the body. Their removal reverses the toxin buildup that causes chronic fatigue, joint pain and depression.


Four Health Benefits of Cilantro

Fresh coriander leaves are helpful to treat some skin disorders due to its anti-fungal, anti-septic, detoxifying and disinfectant properties. To get relief from hives, drink it as a juice or make a paste to apply to the skin.

Essential oils & rich aroma of fresh coriander leaves act as an excellent appetizer & helps to stimulate secretion of enzymes & digestive juices iin the stomach,. Thus, it helps to stimulate digestion & peristaltic motion.

Mouth Ulcers
Essential oils of coriander contain citronelol, a component which has an excellent antiseptic property. Additionally, other components of coriander (such as essential oil) have anti-microbial & healing effects which prevent the worsening of wounds & ulcers in the mouth. They freshen breath & hep in healing of ulcers.

Fresh cilantro leaves are good sources of oleic, linoleic, stearic, palmitic and ascorbic acids (vitamin-C), all very effective in decreasing cholesterol levels in the blood. They also decrease deposition of cholesterol along the inside layer of the arteries & veins, thereby reducing the risk of heart attack.